All the action and fun of the Big Bash is promised in Big Bash Boom, and now we have a trailer to show us some of the gameplay.

From Aussie sports game heroes Big Ant Studios in collaboration with Cricket Australia, Big Bash Boom kicks the stuffy old simulator idea to the kerb in favour of an arcade-styled action cricket game, filled to the brim with official KFC BBL and Rebel WBBL licensing.

The ability for most anybody to pick up, play and have fun was apparently key in the development of the game.

“When you think of T20 cricket, you think of big hits and family entertainment,” says Big Ant Studios CEO, Ross Symons. “The team has worked hard to up the action and make the game a snap to pick up and play. People of all ages love Big Bash, which has grown to become summer’s hottest sporting event in Australia. We wanted to make sure everyone could pick up a controller and play along with the season.”

Want more proof that they’re going for fun over sim? Big Bash Boom will feature all sorts of otherworldly stuff like a variety of balls ranging from beach balls to potatoes, and even the dancing duck will make an appearance. Real grounds, players (with freakishly big heads) and even mascots will also feature. There’s no word on whether we’ll get the Addams Family theme between overs though – but we’re guessing nope.

Big Bash Boom is heading to PS4, Xbox One and Switch on November 29.