Many have been crying out for a new Borderlands game, and those cries have been answered with the upcoming Borderlands 3.

At this juncture we’d love to give you a whole bunch of details on what to expect from the new game, but they haven’t been let out yet.

What has been released, however, is a rather funky, squidgy-synth drenched teaser named “Mask of Mayhem”, and you can watch it just below. Now for the big mystery: Who shot Claptrap?!

Also, if you fancy popping back to Borderlands 2, according to MentalMars there’s a hidden SHIFT code in this vid that unlocks a skin for Salvador and five golden keys. Can’t be bothered working it out yourself? No problem, lazy bones, it’s: C35TB–WS6ST–TXBRK–TTTJT–JJH6H

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