LEGO have unveiled a cool new set – a brick-built Nintendo Entertainment System that comes complete with a telly.

Unfortunately it won’t actually play any games, but it is a fab replica, and the TV part does house a cool surprise – if you wind a little handle on the side, the Super Mario Bros. game on the screen scrolls along. Plop the Mario from the upcoming Super Mario LEGO sets on top and you’ll also get sound.

To say that our first thought upon seeing this was “We want one!” is an understatement, but upon discovering that the 2,646 piece LEGO NES monster will cost a whopping $349 in Australia when it arrives next month, let’s just say that our enthusiasm was instantly snuffed out.

We’ll stick with our original – and more playable – NES, we think.

Meanwhile, Mario’s latest Switch adventure, Paper Mario: The Origami King, is out now.