A new limited time Resistance event for Call of Duty: WWII starts on January 24 (AEDT), and it’s bringing bucket-loads of cool – and free – stuff.

Speaking of buckets, you can be one – as one of the most exciting additions is a ‘Prop Hunt’ mode. This involves mastering stealth by disguising yourself as everyday objects, playing a form of deadly hide and seek as the other team has to find you. It’s designed as a fun distraction from the main campaign, and is sure to prove a popular addition.

As for the story, you get to join the Resistance, a group of civilian soldiers who resisted the German war machine.

As for the free stuff, it includes double XP playlists, a new themed supply drop each week of the campaign, new weapons such as a 9mm SAP pistol, new skills including tactical knife and the ability to scramble enemy maps and new, limited time events in multiplayer, ‘War’ mode and zombies.

The Resistance Event runs from January 24 through to February 27. Check out the complete calendar for specific events here.

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