There’s no hands-on this year, but here’s a little deeper dive into the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Past history tells us that over the last few years at E3, hands-on with CoD has been strictly limited. We were fortunate enough last year to get some time on it when the show closed for the day, but this year you’d have more chance of avoiding the requisite visit to the Saddle Ranch than getting in front of Modern Warfare.

However, we did sit in on an E3 Coliseum presentation with three of the Infinity Ward developers questioned on stage. What we learned was that the studio has been working on the game for two years, and while they wanted to pay homage to the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4, which was described as ’capturing lightning in a bottle’ when it released in 2007, the emphasis was on building a brand new game devoid of that which preceded it.

The trio – Taylor Kurosaki, Joel Emslie (who worked on the original Modern Warfare) and Jacob Minkoff – spoke in depth about the technology that facilitated their vision, including reality capture and photogrammetry.

Four characters were introduced for the single-player campaign: Good ol’ Captain Price is back, ex-British army officer Sgt Kyle Garrick, a CIA agent called Alex and female operative, Commander Price.

The three devs also showcased the first two screenshots from the multiplayer mode. The first was the Gillie Suit for those who like to lurk in the bushes waiting for a target to traverse the crosshairs, while the second was the return of the Juggernaut suit, announced to much applause from the crowd.

While it was disappointing not to play the game, it certainly hasn’t dampened our enthusiasm for that October 25 release date.

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