PUBG – or, to give its more unwieldy full title, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – will be let loose in its playable preview format on the Xbox One come December 12.

This is the big Xbox news from Paris Games Week. Maybe a Crimson Skies revisiting will be announced next time?

For the uninitiated, PUBG is a multiplayer online game that was inspired by the 2000 Japanese flick Battle Royale, which saw 42 students plopped on an island and left to kill each other until just one survivor remained. PUBG allows up to 100 contestants at a time to scrounge up weapons and other implements of potential death while trying to keep themselves, well, not dead.

Accompanying the launch on Xbox One, there’ll be three limited edition cosmetic packs – a ‘Warrior Pack’, an ‘Accessory Pack’ and a ‘Tracksuit Pack’. These will be exclusive to Xbox and only available for a limited time.

Excited? Here’s a bit of an idea as to what to expect…

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