WWE 2K20, this year’s model of the officially licensed wrestling franchise, is hoping to hit hard – hopefully at least as hard as the show-stopping entrance in this video.

It’s nice to see some budget spent on more than just sticky-taping a few game screens together, in this preview trailer for the game.

So, join Hulk Hogan and friends for a spot of cocktails!

Meanwhile, Raw women’s champion Becky Lynch and WWE’s Roman Reigns will be the cover stars this year.

“My career has been about breaking barriers and doing what nobody else has done before. Being the first female Superstar on the cover of a WWE 2K video game is no exception,” said Lynch.

WWE 2K20

Taking fan feedback on board, WWE 2K20 is set to include streamlined gameplay along with several franchise firsts. The story-driven, objective-based 2K Showcase: The Women’s Evolution will follow the careers of the Four Horsewomen – Lynch, SmackDown women’s champion Bayley, Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks. Controls will be streamlined to allow new players to jump into the game more easily, while experienced players will still enjoy a challenge.

Additionally, WWE 2K20 players will be able to compete as both male and female superstars in MyCareer and Mixed Tag matches, while last year’s popular WWE Towers returns with exciting new challenges, including a story-driven Tower centred around the career of Roman Reigns.

WWE 2K20 releases for PS4 and Xbox One on October 22.

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