Some people don’t care what colour their controller is, as long as it works. But if you like to add a bit of colour to proceedings, PlayStation are delivering some new hot options.

We’re firmly in the latter camp, and have probably spent more than we should have on numerous coloured PlayStation controllers over the years. But that 20th anniversary one looks so nice up on our shelf!

Anyway, the four new designs are:

• Rose Gold – a classy metallic option, featuring a gold metallic finish with a rose gold hue.
• Titanium Blue – a metallic top cover with light blue detailing, complemented by a matte blue back.
• Electric Purple – a two-tone purple design with white PlayStation shapes.
• Red Camouflage – a black, red and brown take on the camouflage controller, with added silver detailing.

We’ve definitely got our eye on that fab Electric Purple number – very nice!

Often these limited colours tend to sell out super-fast – we grumble as we continue trying to track down a beautiful Berry Blue or sassy Sunset Orange example way after the boat has sailed – so if any of them take your fancy we’d suggest getting in quick when they release in September.

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