Talk show host Conan O’Brien is also quite the video game fan. He recently got to visit Hideo Kojima’s Japanese studios to find out how their much-anticipated Death Stranding is shaping up, and caught up with the man himself.

Not only did he get to find out almost nothing that we didn’t already know about the game, he also tried to steal one of Kojima’s toys. However, despite this despicable attempt at thievery, Kojima very generously offered to include Conan in the game and, sure enough, it has been made so. This thing is so weird that nothing really surprises us at this point.

He appears in Death Stranding as a hologram, granting access to a rather funky sea otter suit that allows players wearing it to swim rather than be swept away by raging rivers in-game.

The Hideo video is just down the page a bit, and it is quite the fun watch.

PS4 exclusive Death Stranding finally arrives on November 8.

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