Concrete Genie is an upcoming new Sony IP that looks somewhat akin to a cross between the InFamous games and Aussie-developed Wii classic de Blob, with some bonus Jet Set Radio thrown in.

Events occur in a near-abandoned town called Denska. After bullies steal his sketch pad, a young lad named Ash sets out on a quest to recover the scattered pages. It’s on this quest that he discovers a paint brush that can bring his creations to vibrant, exciting life. He sets about restoring his hometown – while avoiding those bullies.

In standard mode, the DualShock’s motion controls are utilised in order to create landscapes that vary in look and fucntionality depending upon colours used. There will also be PS VR support in some modes, requiring two Move controllers.

Concrete Genie is set to arrive exclusively for PS4 on October 9.

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