Rayman’s anarchic pals the Rabbids tend to bring chaos to everything that they touch – now they’re bringing it to coding in the aptly-titled Rabbids Coding!.

An introduction to the concepts of programming masquerading as a game, the object is to to jettison the warped bunny-esque psychos into outer space before they completely break the International Space Station.

Only available currently for PC, it’s a brilliant way to get kids (or anybody, for that matter) understanding basic programming concepts while having a ball of fun with the big-eared insanity balls.

10 PRINT “We’ve come a long way from nutting out BASIC coding, haven’t we?”
20 GOTO 10

Rabbids Coding! is available now via Ubisoft’s Uplay. BWAH!

Help! The Rabbids have invaded JB Hi-Fi!