After a few false starts, we finally get to join The Agency once again this month in Crackdown 3. So, what’s in store for us this time around?

Prepare to get genetically-enhanced, as you and your trusty weaponry take on evil corporate empire Terra Nova in the city of New Providence. Yes: new game, new location – after all, the past two games saw Pacific City purged of all lowlifes, right? The best news here is that this new city is more than twice the size of that in previous games. This will make for a whole lot of exploration – and with its focus on verticality, a whole lot of added risk and potential reward.

Crackdown 3 consists of two quite different halves. While you’ll be running and gunning and purging and whatnot in both single-player and multiplayer, the two options have different aims. The single-player campaign concentrates more on harnessing strategy and saving the good citizens of New Providence, whereas the multiplayer takes more of an all-out destruction angle – and we’ll get to that soon.

In campaign mode, a player (or two in co-op) will step into the suit of any of some 20+ Agents. At this point you may be wondering why you wouldn’t just want to be Terry Crews – a valid thing to ponder. However, varying Agents have varying skills, a combination of which will be your key to success in efficiently taking out those Terra Nova tyrants. It’ll be easy to switch between characters while you kill through the ranks, from lowly hoods to lieutenants, captains, and hopefully all the way up the corporate ladder to the head honcho, Elizabeth Neemand. She’s a savvy operator, and in Crackdown 3 it won’t be a matter of beset and forget, as those under her employ will regroup to hinder your efforts against them. The chaos that you cause has consequences.

Each arena is packed with enough explosives to level a major city – which is handy, as your aim will be to level every fragment of this major city!

Speaking of chaos, let’s talk about multiplayer. It’s entitled ‘Wrecking Zone’, and it’s possible that no more apt name has ever been bestowed upon anything. While strategy rules the single-player campaign, the aim here – for up to 5-vs-5 players – is to cause as much havoc as possible, and there’s some serious technology enabling it.

The world of Wrecking Zone utilises the power of Microsoft’s cloud-based service Azure, which means mass destruction, whether you’re on an Xbox One S or are rocking an X. Each arena is packed with enough explosives to level a major city – which is handy, as your aim will be to level every fragment of this major city! It works by pumping out a whole lot of the processor-heavy behind-the-scenes physics stuff to multiple cloud servers, which do the tricky maths and send the required data back to your home console.

Ultimately though, while there’s a whole lot of serious tech at work under the hood, the aim of Crackdown 3 is to take the much-loved mayhem of the first two games and amplify it like crazy.

We like crazy.

Crackdown 3 launches for Xbox One on February 15.

Crackdown 3

Terry kicks butt for days!

Promotion for Crackdown 3 has heavily featured former NFL player turned actor Terry Crews, bringing a whole lot of action star power to proceedings.

However, rather than just doing promo for the game, Crews also stars as Commander Jaxon of the Agents of Justice. Players will either play as him, or just have to get used to him barking orders.

We can think of worse things than listening to the man who was President Camacho in Idiocracy, Hale Caesar in The Expendables trilogy and Bedlam in Deadpool 2 telling us what to do. But most of all we’ll be thinking of him as Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Terry Jeffords – just don’t go giving him any baditude!

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