A new update has gone live for ace PS4 exclusive Days Gone, and it includes a bunch of cool new features.

For the truly brave/foolhardy, there’s a new ‘Survival’ mode, which promises even more challenge in staying alive against everything that’s out to get you – and that’s a lot. It also features a new “immersive” HUD. The reward for braving this much harder mode? Two new trophies – but good luck defeating an entire horde in under a minute…

A bunch of challenges are also coming. These variously involve combat, mowing down hordes, and bike-related experiences. These challenges reap rewards, including bike and character skins, along with patches for your cut. There are also rings, which do handy things like restoring nitrous and supressing shots.

The challenges will drop over the next 12 weeks, and will come complete with leaderboards.

So, even if you’ve finished the game, there’s now good reason to head back to the wilds of Oregon!

As we mentioned, the update is live now – but be warned, it clocks in at just under 17GB of download.

Days Gone is, obviously, available now. Check out our review here.

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