EA once again held its own event offsite at the Palladium in Hollywood.

Perhaps it was the excitement surrounding the forthcoming release of Battlefront II last year or the promise of the Battlefield franchise heading to a relatively new theatre of war rarely utilised in shooters, but this year’s EA PLAY event felt far more subdued, relaxed even, than last year’s event. There were still crowds snaking around play booths patiently awaiting a turn under the baking Californian sun, but the buzz was absent.

We managed to get hands-on with Battlefield with action centring on taking the port town of Narvik. Playing as Allied paratroopers or defending Germans, the objects differ from side to side – offenders taking out key enemy installations like gun emplacements and respawning inside tanks or a in a Kettlekrad to offer a little more speed across the battle zone.

It’s hard not to describe it as Battlefield 1 in a ‘40s skin, and with the demo we were playing prone to crashing, we’ll certainly need – and want – more time with this one to make a deeper assessment. And yep, it’s also getting a Battle Royale mode (after launch).

FIFA 19, however, is looking incredibly sleek. The annual incremental slide towards perfection is progressing well with an emphasis on more control with the implementation of a new Active Touch System. The biggest announcement, of course, was snaffling the Champions League, which is sure to make a significant impact on the conclusion of Alex Hunter’s The Journey.