We threw a few hours into the Destiny 2 beta over the weekend – but what did we think?

Let it be known that I have almost 100 hours on Destiny – which isn’t much compared to some, but that’s all on a Hunter.

Moving past whether or not that’s something to be proud of, Bungie held their Destiny 2 beta over the weekend (a little earlier if you pre-ordered), and gave everyone the chance to jump on and have a go before the full thing launches.

We got to play the opening level of the campaign – cinematics included – as well as choose between one of two multiplayer options in addition to the Strike – the Inverted Spire.

The opening level is pretty much what they’ve showed off in the trailers so far; Cayde, Ikora and Zavala are at the Tower, and realise their communications and surveillance have been shut down by something – or someone. Cue the invasion of the Red Legion – a group of Cabal led by the menacing Lord Ghaul. He completely destroys the Last City and leaves the Guardians and the citizens fighting for their lives. The Speaker is gone, the Traveller has been captured, and the Guardians have lost their Light.

What a way to get thrown in! Sure, they probably picked their most impactful level to start the game and kick off the beta, but damn – that’s exactly the storytelling and pace you expect from Bungie. The enemies, though fairly easy to dispose of, were numerous, and I was outnumbered more than once. The new Hunter Subclass – Arkstrider – was extremely helpful in these situations, and it’s pretty safe to say I’ll be sticking with the Hunter for D2 – for my first playthrough, at least.

Predictably, I still sucked at the multiplayer, held on a new map. New map, same result. While I was awful, it was still nice to return to Control, and the new map undoubtedly has a couple of clutch points that will no doubt be used to the advantage of those more clever than I.

The Strike, however, was a bit more successful. The Inverted Spire throws you into a Vex stronghold to take out a bunch of the annoying enemies, including the final boss Protheon. As usual, Strikes are always more fun when you do them with your mates, but the Matchmaking system usually does a pretty good job of finding you someone of similar skill level.

The final aspect of the beta was the new Social Space in the European Dead Zone – the Farm. Unfortunately for us Aussies, the gates to the Farm opened at 3AM, and there was no way we were getting up that early. Thankfully, the time allocation was much nicer to others around the world; you can check out a walkthrough (no commentary) below. If the beta’s anything to go by, we’re in for a great game come September.

Destiny 2 launches September 6