A story trailer has dropped for the delightful-looking upcoming Switch game Yoshi’s Crafted World.

Atop the lovely island of the Yoshis sits the Sundream Stone, which houses a collection of coloured gems. Said to possess the power to make anybody’s wishes come true, Baby Bowser and Kamek want in on the wishful action and end up setting the gems flying to all corners of the island.

Hmm, so far, so Avengers. Except the Marvel crew have never looked so cute, cuddly and totally fuzzy as all the good Yoshis – and even the bad ol’ baddies – do here.

Anyway, as you likely guessed, Yoshi and friends must set out to find the gems. Go Yoshis!

The much-anticipated Yoshi’s Crafted World finally hits the Switch on March 29.

Here’s the trailer – don’t you just love the blissed-out orange dude atop the Sundream Stone?

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