If you’re looking to recover some brain cells after New Year’s celebrations next year, then you may be pleased that Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training for Nintendo Switch will be there to help.

Set for release on January 3, 2020, the new collection of exercises for your grey matter is set to make full use of the Switch’s special functionalities such as the IR motion camera. This means that if you have a Switch Lite you’ll also need a pair of JoyCon controllers for some of the exercises.

There will also be a “best of” selection of classic exercises from past Brain Training games, using either one of your fingers, or a stylus that will be packed in with the physical release of the game.

The point of all the exercises, covering disciplines such as maths, word knowledge, memory, self control and heaps more is to prod the old noggin into ticking over better. Once a set of challenges is completed, the good doctor gives you your “brain age”, which may be lower than your physical age (yay) or higher (boo).

We’re pretty sure that there’s no basis in actual sciencematific stuff, but previous games in the series were fun, and thinking never hurt anybody. Well, except perhaps for Monty Python’s Mr Gumby.