Dreams, the wild new PS4-exclusive creative outlet from LittleBigPlanet people Media Molecule, is finally set to become a reality this year.

In fact, it’s just had a beta, and sign-ups for creator early access have just been announced.

This early access to the “Dreamiverse” will allow creators to get in on the ground floor of Dreams, providing full-on tutorials for all levels of creator. No creations are locked down, so creators will be able to stream and share to their heart’s content.

Having been in development for quite a while now, obviously MM are excited that their hard work is about to hit the big wide world.

“At Media Molecule, we love to give players a way to be a part of the games we make,” said studio director Siobhan Reddy on the PlayStation Blog. “With Dreams, our ambition from the start was to put all the tools needed to make games in one accessible package – and allow players to make their creative mark on the world from their living room. We want community to be able to create in a way that is fun, fast and expressive and see where they take it next.”

The Dreams creator early access will be available soon for A$39.95, but with limited spaces on a first-come, first-served basis. Sign up here for updates. The full game experience is due sometime in Autumn.

Want to know a little more about Dreams? Just click here.

Now, have a look at some of the amazing things that came to fruition from the first Dreams beta: