The doors have closed on another successful year at E3. 

The third and final day of the Electronic Entertainment Expo has just come to an end – and we played many of our favourite games of the show today.

While the boys were over at Namco checking out Jump Force and all the other cool games they had on offer, I had the pleasure of joining two members of the dev team for Jurassic World Evolution gameplay. It’s a park simulator at its heart, where you can build and run your own Jurassic Park over six islands, but it also includes a number of complex structures such as dinosaur breeding and resource management. If you’ve got a few hours to put into it, JWE is definitely worth checking out. The dinosaurs especially look amazing.

Next, it was over to Nintendo to check out everything they had at their Treehouse – and yes, that included Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Unsurprisingly, the game is just as fun as its predecessors, and playing as Mewtwo we made quick work of our opponents. Cannot wait to see what the competitive scene holds for this game. We got another go at Mario Tennis Aces, and a 4-player PvP was absolute madness – but a tonne of fun at the same time. The boys played a bit of FIFA, but I’ve saved the best for last – Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu. Having played about 20 minutes, I absolutely cannot wait for this one to release, and the Pokeball Plus controller is awesome. The circle at the center of the Pokeball itself is both a joystick and the A button (when clicked), and there is even a functioning B button on top, meaning you can essentially play the entire game with just the controller. Battling is the same as it is in the baseline Pokemon RPG games, but catching works the same as it does in Pokemon GO, with the Pokeball Plus used as if you were actually throwing a Pokeball. Mainline fans and newcomers to Pokemon are guaranteed to love this – it was a genuine blast.

Our final appointment for the expo was over to Ubisoft. Paul checked out The Division 2, with the same gameplay that was shown at the Ubisoft press conference, and then it was onto Assassin’s Creed Odyssey for both of us. The new Greek setting is a lot of fun, and the atmosphere is so vibrant – the fauna especially is worth mentioning here; it’s so colourful! The combat, too, has been revamped to include super-satisfying abilities – like Spartan kicking people off ledges. It’s fast, and it’s fun. Finally, Paul went to fulfill his pirate fantasies with Skull & Bones (which he couldn’t stop smiling about for the rest of the day) and I checked out Starlink: Battle for Atlas on the Switch. We had a number of different ships, weapons, and pilots to choose from, and I came away thinking it’s quite similar to what No Man’s Sky could have been when it launched. You start out flying around the galaxy, and can seamlessly fly onto and land on planets you pass by. Combat is smooth, and if you find a particular weapon isn’t working against a certain enemy type, you can simply swap it for another on the fly by snapping it on (if you’ve bought the expansions, of course). Obviously, with expansion packs, there’s always going to be the fact that you’ll likely be a bit better at the game the more stuff you buy, but if you’re only playing against AI we see no harm in it. Plus – all those ships and pilots are guaranteed to look great on your shelf. Starlink was a pleasant surprise.

And that was it. With that we walked out of E3’s hallowed halls for another year. Until 2019. That’s all, folks.