Without sounding like a grumpy old fart (my wife’s words) the E3 press conferences used to be the kick-off point for gaming’s biggest week – the starter pistol that would send the gaming world into an excited frenzy eager to get into the coming week.

These were of course the days where leaks were few and far between, and audiences would sit in the venues hanging on every word, praying that a sequel to a favourite franchise would be announced, or an enigmatic industry luminary would make a surprised appearance.

Yet, sat in Microsoft and Bethesda’s press briefings today, that old magic felt absent.

Yes, there were quality titles on show and a brief glimpse of Microsoft’s next gaming behemoth, but the genuine excitement was amiss. With Sony’s absence and EA opting to drop a traditional briefing in a Nintendo style, the passage into E3 2019 feels more like a jog than a sprint. Incessant leaks leading up to E3 temper enthusiasm and a transitional industry also play a part, but maybe the days of the big pre-E3 press conferences are a thing of the past?

We’ve still got Ubisoft and Square Enix briefings to come, but bring on Tuesday when we can get our hands on these games!

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