Need a reminder as to what crazy times to set your alarm for to catch the E3 press conferences live in Australia this year? It’s cool, we’ve got you covered. 

As we’re ahead of the rest of most of the world – in particular Los Angeles, where E3 is happening again this year – it means some early mornings for the dedicated.

It’s not all bad news though, as some companies are being kinder in their timing – yay Bethesda and Squenix! You’ll still likely need plenty of caffeinated beverages handy though, just in case.

Should you brave the weird hours, you’ll be able to catch the streams happening here on YouTube, and also likely somewhere on Twitch. Or you can wait for our handy highlight roundups and get a decent night’s sleep!

STACK will be on the ground in LA as it all happens, bringing you all the latest news and views. Keep track of us at our E3 event page, as well as on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Here are the dates and times – noting that PlayStation aren’t presenting this year:

EA Play – Sunday, June 9 – 2:15am AEST/1:45am ACST/12:15am AWST

Microsoft – Monday, June 10 – 6am AEST/5:30am ACST/4am AWST

Bethesda – Monday, June 10 – 10:30am AEST/10am ACST/8:30am AWST

Ubisoft – Tuesday, June 11 – 6am AEST/5:30 ACST/4am AWST

Square Enix – Tuesday, June 11 – 11am AEST/ 10:30 ACST/9am AWST

Nintendo – Wednesday, June 12 – 2am AEST/1:30am ACST/12am AWST