The virtual E3 2021 has given us a deeper look at the upcoming supernatural mystery Life Is Strange: True Colors, and its secret weapon – empathy.

The video, unveiled as part of the Square Enix Presents presentation, brings us protagonist Alex Chen, who uses her psychic power of empathy to solve a mystery that “will make her question everyone and everything she’s come to know in the quaint small town of Haven Springs.”

For years, Alex has suppressed what she considers to be her “curse”, which is a psychic power that allows her to “experience, absorb and influence” the emotions of others. She sees these emotions as brightly colored auras. When her brother dies in a suspicious accident, Alex must embrace her power in order to seek out the truth, and uncover dark secrets covered up by those in her small town.

Find out more in the video just below.

Life is Strange: True Colors is set for release on PS5, Xbox and PS4 on September 10. Pre-order now at JB Hi-Fi.