Brew a cup of tea, grab a “digestive”, hop in your Mini, crank the Oasis and any other hackneyed British cliché you can muster, for Forza Horizon 4 is – as we already know – set to let awesome vehicular mayhem lose on the British Isles. This new commercial plays on it all wonderfully.

The premise is that a rather pompous, Attenborough-like British person has been roped in to provide the grandeur-infused voiceover for the ad. As he plummets pompously through the script, he pompously expresses horror, disbelief and confusion at much of what goes on as all manner of vehicles blast all over the British Isles. Yes, even the hovercraft – the presence of which is enquired about pompously (and hilariously), of course.

Interestingly, the actor in question is actually Canadian Maurice LaMarche, known for voice work on the likes of Futurama and Pinky and the Brain. Hey, at least he’s from a former British colony that still sings ‘God Save the Queen’.

It’s a whole lot of fun, and has us pretty much drooling for this latest iteration of the series even more.

Seriously, we’re still knee-deep in the masterful Australia-set Forza Horizon 3, so we’ll be regularly flitting between two continents when Forza Horizon 4 hits on October 2.

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