It’s time to prepare for the latest instalment of the foremost Formula One simulation, as F1 2018 prepares to hit the track.

The first complete gameplay trailer for this year’s model has dropped, giving much insight into what’s in-store – and it looks magnificent!

The game is set to featuring the most in-depth career mode yet seen in the franchise, 20 classic cars from the history of the sport, and significant graphical improvements – including environmental mist, heat haze, track mirage effects, new engine heat haze and off racing line dirt kick-up. It’s the little things that matter.

Online has also been given a makeover, with the game’s new ‘Super License’ system designed to minimise the effects of poor driving in multiplayer races. Players are rated on their skill levels and driver etiquette and then matched with other gamers of a similar ability and driving style.

F1 2018 game director Lee Mather elaborated on the new features.

“This is the most complete F1 experience that Codemasters has ever created,” said Mather. “The career mode is the central point of the game and has been greatly expanded with the inclusion of pressurised press interviews that will directly affect your path through the sport. There is also far more flexibility for the player, including the ability to select your own rival and negotiate team moves during the season. The career mode also expands the player’s research and development options, with each F1 team now having its own unique technology tree with differing strengths and weaknesses. What’s more, F1 2018‘s career will also feature significant rule changes between seasons during the Career for the first time.”

Then there’s the physics tweaks.

“The game’s handling has also been reworked using real world F1 data to give us new suspension and chassis physics, as well as the introduction of manually deployed ERS,” continues Mather. “This all means that the cars feel great to drive, and you can really feel the difference between the modern cars and the 20 classics there are in the game. There is a huge contrast between the low aero, low grip cars from the 1970s compared to the 2018 cars.”

F1 2018 hits PS4 and Xbox One on August 24.

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