If you haven’t been having enough fun with all the cult-busting shenanigans of Far Cry 5 down in Hope County, soon you’ll be able to spread your wings – to Mars.

The second DLC adventure, ‘Lost on Mars’, will drop on July 17, transporting Nick Rye to the red planet to help his buddy Hurk thwart an alien invasion of Earth.

The coolest thing? A new arsenal of weaponry – alien weaponry – including the ‘Blaster of Disaster’, ‘Hellfire’, ‘Morphinator’, ‘Obliteratorrrr’, ‘Taser Phazer Annihilazer’, ‘Nerve Reaper’ and ‘Grape Popper’, all of which can also be used down in Hope County.

In celebration, a bunch of new Mars-themed assets are available for all players now in Far Cry Arcade. Add the stuff into your existing maps, or go the whole sci-fi hog and create new ones.

‘Lost on Mars’ isn’t the last of the crazy DLC for Far Cry 5, with ‘Dead Living Zombies’ due for release in August. Nab all three DLC packs – the first was jungle warfare adventure ‘Hours of Darkness’ – via the season pass from JB Hi-Fi.