After a handful of teasers it’s meat and potatoes time with Far Cry 5, as the literally explosive announcement trailer touches down, complete with the tag “Trust. Prey. Obey.”

Set in modern-day Hope County, Montana, some might say that it’s quite the departure for the series. Really, however, it’s just a more western-familiar setting.

It does, however, boast the largest customisable weapon and vehicle roster in the history of the Far Cry series.

The antagonist in this here outing is one Joseph Seed, leader of the culteriffic Project at Eden’s Gate. Face it, when somebody declares, “I am your father, and you are my children” you just kind of know that they’re really bloody creepy. Well, unless we’re talking a for-real father/progeny situation, of course.

You’re trapped. Unless you can free the beseiged community from the crazy cult’s grip, the end is upon us. MOO!

As it stands, Far Cry 5 will be hitting JB Hi-Fi on February 27, 2018. Stay tuned for more news from STACK’s extensive forthcoming E3 coverage.

Anyway, without any further blah-blah-blah, here’s the Far Cry 5 announcement trailer…

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