We asked FIFA creative director, Matt Prior, whether were likely to see a FIFA VR mode.

It’s hard to imagine how it would work, but a penalty shootout could be one way of incorporating VR into FIFA. According to creative producer Matt Prior, the team have considered it.

“We’ve played around with it. Obviously we look at all new technology, and this is no different, but at this stage there are no concrete plans.

“There are certain games that lend themselves more to VR, like if you’re in a car or a spaceship, but I guess the way it could work is to have someone watching in the crowd or, as you suggested, a penalty shootout.

“But for us at this stage, it’s more of a wait and see approach and keep an eye on how the technology evolves.”

So, don’t expect to be strapping on those virtual boots to compete in a nail-biting World Cup Final penalty shootout in the foreseeable future.

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