EA’s forthcoming co-op adventure A Way Out is hitting on March 23 – and when we say co-op, we mean co-op.

How so? Well, if you haven’t any friends to play with then you won’t be playing this, as it requires two humans interacting to work. We suppose you may be able to utilise a really darned good robotic AI-type thingy – hmm, can our robo-vac be repurposed? Nah, probably not.

Anyway, the game comes from the fertile mind of Lebanese movie director Josef Fares, who previously blessed the world with the wonderful Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

As for story, you join Vincent and Leo, two prison inmates who must work together to escape. This will involve solving puzzles, completing minigames, talking, shooting, fighting, sneaking, driving, running and generally getting your best Shawshank on.

Did we mention that it’s out on PS4 and Xbox One on March 23? Oh yeah, we did.

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