As Ubisoft’s epic samurai, knights and Vikings hack and slasher For Honor approaches its first birthday, it’s preparing to celebrate by unleashing a fifth season update.

Age of Wolves is a significant free update that will bring changes to the fighting system, new customisation options and some major gameplay rebalancing updates to five of the game’s heroes. The Kensei and the Conqueror will get new move-sets and new animations, while the Nobushi, the Berserker and the Highlander will also be given a spit and polish.

There will also be new training options shoehorned in, as well the introduction of a new item that boosts XP gain in exchange for salvage.

Perhaps the biggest new thing with this update, however, is the introduction of dedicated servers, aimed at making the For Honor online experience smoother and more stable.

Age of Wolves is set to hit on February 15. Find out more about it in this convenient video…

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