E3 is leaking! Which is better than a nuclear storage facility leaking, we guess. Bethesda have dropped exciting news of a new Fallout, after a 24-hour live stream tease.

Rather than Fallout 5, or 6 if you include New Vegas, this one’s Fallout 76. The trailer doesn’t really give us a lot to go on – besides being able to hum along with Take Me Home, Country Roads – but does plop us in Vault 76. This was mentioned in Fallout 3, and is a control vault in Washington DC that didn’t undergo experimentation.

We seem to have missed the big October 27, 2102 Reclamation Day party though, of which detritus is strewn all about. Then there’s the broadcast statement: “When the fighting has stopped and the fallout has settled, you must rebuild.”

More news about the game is scheduled to be dropped at E3, and the rumour mill is suggesting that this one will take a break from the usual format in favour of an online survival RPG affair.

Stay tuned to STACK for our full-on E3 coverage.

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