DJ Marshmello is no stranger to Fortnite. At E3 last year, he won the Fortnite pro-am tournament with famous streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and won $3 Million USD for charity. 

Neither is he a stranger to stage performances – regularly playing his electronic dance music sets to tens of thousands of people worldwide. Both worlds collided for him on February 2 and 3 as he played two virtual performances in Fortnite’s ‘showtime’ mode!

A giant stage was set up in ‘Pleasant Park’ and special activities were also tied in with the concert, including balloon popping and dancing competitions.

Reports state that over 10 million concurrent users participated – many turning up in Marshmello’s skin, kitted with a puffy marshmallow axe to boot while emoting the ‘marsh walk’ dance.

Although it was not the first VR concert in a video game by any means, as World of Warcraft and even Minecraft held Coalchella in 2018 and Fire Festival earlier in January this year. This event was the largest in the history of gaming.

Check out full virtual concert here:

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