We were promised ongoing new free content for ace Switch inky shooter Splatoon 2 when it launched, and so far Nintendo have really kept their word.

Now comes news of two more updates before Father Christmas gets his once a year jolly on.

The first free update hits this Friday (November 24), adding:

• Four new battle stages: The first new battle stage, MakoMart, will be available to play on Saturday, November 25, with Shellendorf Institute and the return of both Walleye Warehouse and Arowana Mall from the original Splatoon coming soon.

• New Salmon Run stage: After downloading the update, Salmonid Smokeyard will be added to the stage rotation. In Salmonid Smokeyard, a wide gap on the beach divides two upper platforms, with fan lifts being the quickest way to traverse the two platforms. Teamwork is required to use the fan lifts effectively.

• New gear: Approximately 140 pieces of gear are being added to Splatoon 2, including shoes, headgear and clothes, along with returning items from the original Splatoon.

• New battle music: The punk-flavoured Bottom Feeders and classically-trained avant-garde-style Ink Theory are contributing new songs to the already music-rich game.

• New hairstyles: Four new hairstyles will be available – two each for female and male characters.

• Higher level caps: The maximum level will be raised from 50 to 99. If players talk to Judd when they reach Level 99, they’ll have the option to reset their level display to Level ★1 so they can continue raising their level.

• New amiibo functionality: Tapping a compatible amiibo figure after the update will let players take and share photos in preset locations in battle stages.

• Convenient gear swapping: Players who want to change gear between battles won’t have to exit to the lobby anymore.

If all of that isn’t enough, the second free update will be available sometime in mid-December, featuring the new Clam Blitz. Here, competing Inklings are tasked with collecting clams scattered around the stage. After one is picked up, the clam follows the player. The objective is to throw the clam into the basket near the opponent’s base, and the first team to score 100 points wins.

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