Over the weekend, a game cover design legend passed away. His name was Bob Wakelin, and if you were a gamer kid in the 1980s you’d have seen his work everywhere.

Basically, Wakelin was the design face of most every game that top companies in the field Ocean and Imagine ever released – and that was a LOT of games. It was a fledgling but cutthroat market in those early days of games marketing, so a design edge over the competition helped lend games a certain cachet – and sales.

Older than most in the industry when he signed on, Wakelin didn’t much care for games, yet his amazing cover artwork has left an indelible impression on thousands of people who loved what he did – often more than the games within.

From cutesy characters to gun-toting badasses, and impossibly buxom warriors to the likes of British Olympian Daley Thompson, Wakelin could lend his talent to anything – and in the days where it was all hand done cut, paint and paste. Photoshop came along much later.

Vale Bob Wakelin.

Here’s just a small selection of some of his work – including his favourite (Operation Wolf) and least favourite (Parasol Stars – which we love).