Apparently Harvard boffins discovered the “Tetris Effect” in 2000, whereby players of Alexey Pajitnov’s divine puzzler continued to see tetrominoes long after playing. We could have told them about this back in the 1980s – where’s our research grant?

The name of the phenomenon has been nabbed for the latest incarnation of the seriously addictive game, and the developers – who also gave us Lumines and Rez Infinite – have dialled up the trippiness to 11.

30 different fully 3D stages will feature, each with its own music, sound effects, graphical style and background that will evolve and react to how you play.

Basically, it’s still Tetris, but with all manner of shiny bits added to take it a step beyond the usual cut and paste conversions we get on new formats. As well as being playable on a standard PS4, you’ll also be able to lose yourself in Tetris Effect via PSVR. If we tried that then we’re not sure that we’d ever want to come back…

Tetris Effect is due for release later in 2018.

Now turn on, tune in and drop blocks with the trailer, which is completely concocted from in-game footage.