While having your console nerfed would suck, having it NERFed looks like a wholly better – and more fun – proposition.

There’ll certainly be no lack of power when NERF: Legends hits PS5, Xbox, PS4 and Switch on October 29 (Pre-order now at JB Hi-Fi.)

Basically, it’s a family-friendly first-person shooter based on the ever-popular foam projectiles and the vast range of devices that blast them out, that’s set to come complete with online cross-platform multiplayer for up to eight players. There’ll also be a single player campaign.

Amongst other things to look forward to are pulling off trick shots, a choice from 15 new and classic NERF blasters, insane power-ups, character customisation and not having either you or your stuff decimated by a real-life NERF assault.

Check it out in action: