Arnold Schwarzenegger only ever appeared in one Predator movie, but it was the best one. Now he’s lending his voice to an upcoming game.

The snippet of info came via the response to a completely different question that The Arnold Fan asked the big guy, which was whether he watched his old moofi- erm, movies.

“The other day Predator came on, and I said to my girlfriend, ‘Let’s watch the beginning.’ And we ended up watching the whole thing, because it still held up today. Other movies don’t hold up, but movies like Predator and the first Terminator really hold up, and it was really fun to watch. Interesting enough, a week later I was asked to do some voiceover for a video game that is coming out about Predator. So it was great that I watched it to get back in that mood again to do the voiceover.”

With PS4 release Predator: Hunting Grounds set to arrive in April you’d think that this would be the game that Arnold was speaking of. It would seem to be cutting it rather fine though for completing a game for release, so maybe there’s going to be Arnie-fied DLC?

Either that or there’s another Predator game in the works. Either way, we can’t wait to get to da chopper!

Predator: Hunting Grounds is set to release for PS4 on April 24. Pre-order here from JB Hi-Fi.