The upcoming PlayStation 5 will happily speak to your existing PS VR unit, but you’ll need a special camera adaptor to make it happen.

The good news is that this adaptor is free, and you can put your name down for one with Sony right now in readiness for the arrival of your sleek new PS5.

The new camera for the PS5 doesn’t support PS VR, so this adaptor is necessary in order to connect the PS4 camera to keep your PS VR swinging.

All that Aussie PS VR owners need to do is get the serial number off the back of the PS VR processor unit (this can take a bit of faffing about wrangling cables if your setup is anything like ours) and then visit here. Once your serial number is accepted, you’ll be asked to enter your address details and sometime in mid-November you should receive your adaptor in the post. Simple!