News that a Toyota Yaris has arrived in the latest Gran Turismo Sport update may sound boring, until you realise that it’s the fire-breathing GR variant.

Designed to be a rally car for the road, the super-powerful, turbo-charged three-cyclinder beast bears very little resemblance to the standard Yaris, as it was all made from the ground up especially to be the best performance machine that it can be.

Gran Turismo Sport

Anyway, if you can’t afford a real one, or missed out when they sold 1,000 of them locally in about a week, then you can fang a GR Yaris around in Gran Turismo Sport on your PS4, as the free update is ready to rock right now. As well as the car, there’s also a new time trial that’s been added for it.

Check out the incredible – yes, having driven a real one we can confirm that the hype is justified – GR Yaris in this new trailer for the update:

Gran Turismo Sport at JB Hi-Fi