Rockstar is celebrating another incredible year of GTA Online by giving players more cool stuff.

Leading the charge is the piece of awesome automotive kit that you see above, the Lambor- erm, Lampadati Viseris. Available now at Legendary Motorsport, the sleek body houses a thumping V8 engine, while a must-have option is a pair of forward-facing machine guns.

Meanwhile, Lester Crest is your pal when it comes to double GTA$ and RP. You’ll get the bonus on all Lester contact missions until January 15, so keep an eye on that iFruit.

Also available until january 15 is a bunch of handy discounts. 25% is the actual number, and it applies to the Nagasaki Ultralight plane, as well as aircraft weapons, vehicle armour, headlights and neons, skirts (for cars, natch), spoilers, suspension and turbos.

On top of all these available-now perks, GTA Online players will be in for more treats in coming weeks, including new modes and vehicles.

Buy now at JB Hi-Fi