Never ones to shy away from releasing weird peripherals, Nintendo recently teased a new thing – which is basically a flexible halo that you jam a JoyCon into. We now know that it’s called the Ring-Con, and it’s set to take us on an adventure.

More specifically, a Ring Fit Adventure.

Along with the Ring-Con, there’s a leg strap – known as ‘Leg-Strap’ – that houses the other JoyCon.

A perky reveal video that’s perky has been released, perkily:

Rather than any sort of straight out successor to Wii Fit and the Wii Balance Board, while this experience relies on getting off your bottom and getting active, it’s no boring workout. Instead, players will travel through some 20 worlds, jogging, jumping, squatting and so on in order to level up and gain new ‘fit skills’.

It shouldn’t come as any great surprise to see another out-there product like this, as Nintendo has always pushed the envelope when it comes to inventive extras – sometimes with great success, sometimes not.

Ring Fit Adventure will be available exclusively for Switch from on October 18. Here’s the original teaser vid:

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