We found out a little more about Hitman 2 and LEGO DC Super-Villains at this year’s E3. 

First up was Hitman 2, and let us come straight out and say that this one isn’t episodic – the full game will release in one go. A welcome change.

Our E3 demo with H2 was simple – infiltrate a car race and kill one of the drivers. In the full game there are a number of ways to complete this, but in our playthrough we were given the choice of two – find your way into the pits and sabotage her car with an explosive, or find a vantage point and snipe her down while she’s driving. For the sake of testing our weapons skills, we opted for the sniper playthrough.

What this involved was killing a guard to get their uniform in order to sneak into the VIP area undetected, going around the back of the race area, picking up a sniper rifle left for you, killing the guard on the rooftop, and sniping the car she’s in as she’s racing down the main straight. It was no mean feat, mind you, but we got there in the end. The beauty of the Hitman games is its versatility of assassination, and it’s great to see that the sequel has built on that.

Once we’d finished our first playthrough, we were allowed to roam around the race and see what else we could find. It truly is amazing seeing just how many people are out there waiting to be killed. The world felt alive – even though we saw only a part of it – and the NPCs don’t just feel like code; we even walked past one dude checking his phone instead of watching the world around him. It’s the little details that make a game great, and if our 40-minute playthrough is anything to go by, Hitman 2 is on a promising path.

Check out some of the track sniping action here…

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Next up was LEGO DC Super-Villains. Being veterans of the LEGO game franchises, we couldn’t wait to get our needy hands on this one – and it didn’t disappoint. We played through the early section of the game, and found out that you start off by creating your own custom LEGO character to get in on the action with the bad guys. We broke out of prison with Lex Luthor, and even climbed a clock tower as Harley Quinn and Mister J.

Those familiar with the LEGO games have nothing to fear – it’s more of the same greatness. You still break things to get bricks to build throughout the levels, and specific characters’ powers and abilities will help you get past certain areas. It’s still gorgeously voice acted, and the animations are still amazing.

The kids will love it – and the comic book lover in you knows you will, too. It really looks like a must-have for series fans and DC fans alike. We must also give praise to Warner Bros for having us in a nice, cordoned-off press area out the back – and providing Astro headsets to use. The noise cancellation was super helpful, and having someone to guide you through the demos was an added bonus.

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