This week marks the 25th anniversary of the launch of one of the more enduring gaming franchises, the cool survival horror-fest Resident Evil.

Iconic both as a game series and also via the spinoff movies, the series has sold over 107 million games to date.

While no specific celebrations hit for fans today – we believe the franchise will privately enjoy some cake (mmm… cake!) – Capcom have announced that there will be a new Resident Evil Showcase digital event arriving in April, which is sure to be stacked with news of the upcoming Resident Evil Village.

Also coming soon is an open beta for upcoming multiplayer blast Resident Evil Re:Verse. This thank you to fans – which will be free for those who purchase Resident Evil Village – is set to deliver a who’s-who of Resident Evil‘s roster through the years, both of the hero and weapon variety. Players will kick off as as humans, hunting each other and gathering virus vials. When they’re taken out, they’ll resurrect as bioweapons to exact revenge. The more vials collected, the stronger the bioweapon transformation.

The open beta? PS4 and Xbox One players can get into it on April 8 from 4pm AEST through to April 12 at 14:59pm AEST. You’ll need a registered Capcom ID to play.

Resident Evil Village releases for PS5, PS4 and Xbox on May 7. Pre-order now at JB Hi-Fi, including stunning exclusive steelbooks.