Member when everybody was walking around like iZombies trying to catch ’em all? We member. Now Harry Potter is set to muscle in on the augmented reality space, with the upcoming Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Ever immersed yourself in Harry Potter’s world and wished that you could shake off your muggle shackles and do all that cool wizardly stuff? Well, now you’ll be able to – sort of. You’ll learn spells, while you head out exploring your environs on the look out for legendary beasts. Cop a whopper and need help? You’ll be able to team with other wizards to take it out.

Created by Niantic – the same folk behind Pokémon GO – smartphone app Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is being touted as the next step in the evolution of AR mobile entertainment.

Graveyards, centres of worship and other places that (usually justifiably) freaked out when invaded by rabid Pokémon GOers have plenty of time to batten down their various headstones, pews and whatnot, as this is just an announce that the game is coming. As yet there’s no release date information beyond “sometime in 2018”.

In other Potterverse news, while the last four Harry Potter movies were released in 4K Ultra HD earlier this year, the first four of the series are finally coming this month – on November 22, to be precise – along with an eight-movie mega set.

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Now, here’s some Furry Potter for your wizardly enjoyment…