The Melbourne Esports Open kicks off this weekend. JB Hi-Fi have a bunch of awesome games first-to-play at the JB Hi-Fi Game On Zone.

As well as everything else going on on this weekend, between the Overwatch Contenders Australia finals and the League of Legends OPL finals, you’ll be able to head down to the JB Hi-Fi Game On Zone to be among the first in the country to play a bunch of great upcoming titles.

Including Spider-Man, Spyro, and The Division 2, the full list is as follows:

If there’s not one thing on there that has piqued your interest, we’ll be very surprised. The Division 2 is still almost 6 months away from launch for crying out loud! Not to mention playing Spider-Man a few days before everyone else…

There’s still time to grab your tickets for this weekend’s event. Head here to grab 20% off tickets for the MEO using the code JBHIFI.

Check out the full schedule below (click or tap on the timetable to get a closer look):

melbourne esports open