The days of bigger, harder, faster, more seem to be gone in the world of consoles, with Sony joining the shrunken classic fray with a teensy original PlayStation featuring 20 built-in games announced.

Some 45 per cent smaller than the original console, the PlayStation Classic certainly looks the part, and comes with two USB-powered replicas of the original waggle stick-free PS controllers.

Of the 20 included games, only five have been announced so far – Final Fantasy VIIJumping Flash!R4 Ridge Racer Type 4Tekken 3 and Wild Arms. We’d hope that those yet to be announced would include at least one of the WipeOut games.

The PlayStation Classic is set to launch “in limited quantities” on December 3. If the way other shrunken consoles have sold out in no time is any indication, it may be worth getting a pre-order in.

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