The latest classic games machine to get the shrunken treatment is Commodore’s legendary mega-computer the Amiga 500.

It may not have been designed as a games machine, but the 16-bit powerhouse gave us some of the coolest gaming experiences of the 1980s with its revolutionary graphics and incredible sound.

Now, 25 Amiga classics – including Worms, The Chaos Engine, Another World, Simon the Sorcerer, Pinball Dreams, Cadaver, Zool and one of the greatest sports games ever in Speedball – are all set to be packed into the fully-licensed THEA500 Mini.

While 25 games may not be much, the best news is that we’ll be able to load other games via USB, and save and resume them at any time.

THEA500 Mini will pack in an original-style two-button mouse and a new eight-button gamepad, while an external standard PC keyboard will be able to be plugged in for additional functionality. It’s due for release in early 2022. Pre-order now at JB Hi-Fi.