Australian made honk ’em up Untitled Goose Game is brilliant, but its lack of a physical presence has been a bummer for collectors.

Good news is that’s set to end soon, with the release of a physical version of the game on PS4 and Switch.

On September 29, we’ll be able to pick up a boxed version from store shelves, which will contain bonus goodies as well as the game disc/cartridge.

These goosey-goodies will amount to a (fake) 24-page retail catalogue featuring useful items and objects that a goose might enjoy collecting, an 11″ x 17″ (~28cm x 69cm) village map and an official “No Goose” (or, as we prefer, “Goosebusters”) sticker.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of Untitled Goose Game, you basically control a goose who wreaks havoc on all who come across its path. It steals things, moves things, hides things and generally causes the player to have to solve several puzzles in order to advance. Oh, you also get to honk a lot should that be your thing.

Here’s a little look at the game and the retail edition: