Capcom have unleashed a first look reveal of their upcoming Exoprimal, which will see teams in mech suits battling hordes of future dinosaurs. Cool!

Imagine if the daily weather forecast also warned us of approaching dinosaur storms, where a ball appears up in the sky and it literally rains prehistoric creatures. That’s how this 2043-set game appears to roll, and we’re excited.

Looking a little bit like Earth Defense Force but with dinos instead of bugs – oh, insert obligatory EDF! EDF! EDF! here – it isn’t Capcom’s classic Dino Crisis revisited, but it still looks like wild fun.

Speaking of, here’s the Capcom vibe on it all: “In today’s news, five Aibius Exosuits have been deployed to exterminate a raptor super swarm in your area. These suits, each equipped with unique abilities to work together as a team, are developed by the next-generation Leviathan AI. In additional news, Aibius is recruiting candidates to pilot their latest Exosuits. Those interested in becoming pilots should apply at the nearest AIBIUS office. You may become humanity’s greatest hope. If a temporal vortex appears in your area, please remain calm. Have a pleasant day.

Complete with online multiplayer action, Exoprimal is slated for a 2023 release on PS5, Xbox and PS4.

Here’s that reveal, and scroll down below it to check out a look at Exoprimal from its producer, Ichiro Kiyokawa, and director, Takuro Hiraoka: