The revolution is about to start! The aim of No Straight Roads is to take down the evil EDM empire and, well, rock!

Step into the boots of indie rockers Mayday and Zuke and set out upon a musical adventure, aiming to take back Vinyl City with music, as it’s been overrun by the sounds of the evil EDM empire No Straight Roads.

The game will see players cutting through the corruption – and the relentless BPM – by harnessing the power of rock (and other genres) for musically-inspired combat that, of course, all takes place in time to the beat.

There’s some interesting  pedigree behind the scenes on this one, with it being a collaboration between Wan Hazmer (Final Fantasy XV) and Daim Dziauddin (Street Fighter V).

Here’s a new look at No Straight Roads, which is now set to drop on August 25 for PS4, Xbox One and Switch. Pre-order now at JB Hi-Fi, including a hot limited collector’s edition.