In a win for common sense, Compulsion Games’ adventure We Happy Few has been reclassified in Australia.

Having initially been refused classification due to its depiction of drug use – depiction that many would easily argue is very anti-drug – a three-member panel of the Classification Review Board has unanimously determined that the game should now be classified as R18+, with the consumer advice “Fantasy violence and interactive drug use”.

The issue began over the game’s use of a fictional drug called ‘Joy’, an opiate to keep the masses subdued. Australia’s rules for classification dictate that games will be refused classification if they feature “drug use related to incentives and rewards”. In this case, the game is made suibstantially harder if you don’t stay dosed up on the stuff, which was originally the cause of the ban, ignoring the context of the continued in-game message that Joy is a bad thing.

We Happy Few is the tale of a trio of fairly terrible people in an alternate 1960s England, who are trying to escape a life of conformity in the town of Wellington Wells. The town’s rules are totally out there, and you have to blend in with the drugged-up citizens or risk the consequences.

We’re pleased to advise that We Happy Few will be available in Australia on PS4 and Xbox One this August 10.

Here’s the latest trailer – which carries a LANGUAGE WARNING.